Campus Hub reduces student parking fees but protest is still on

University of Malta students can start parking their vehicles at Campus Hub car park for just €3 a day after the company revised recent price hikes that sparked outrage.

In a Facebook post, Campus Hub confirmed that this reduced fee only applies to students, who will be required to pay at security office while showing proof they are actually enrolled at UOM. 카지노사이트

Despite the company’s change of heart, student organisations will still hold their protest on Friday as planned.

‘Students over Profit’ is a protest against the ultra-commercialisation of campus life at university, the organisations behind the protest explained on Wednesday in an attempt to justify the protest, which was initially sparked by the higher parking fees. The organisations added that the protest will also be targeting “the overarching issue of lack of effective alternative methods of transportation available for students.”

On Tuesday, several student organisations joined forces to protest the recent price increases at Campus Hub private parking. 안전한카지노사이트

Although the recent price increase stunned UOM students, the organisations claim that excessive commercialisation at University and “its reckless behaviours,” which have long been criticised, are what really spurred this protest.

“Students are mainly aggrieved by the previous decisions taken by University which have had no consideration to the students it supposedly caters for,” the organisations said. 카지노사이트 추천

The organisations concluded by stating that on Friday they are protesting not just the project as a whole, but also a wider problem that UOM students face, namely “the inadequate public transit and the lack of execution and effectiveness of suggested alternate modes of transportation.”

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